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Vacuum cleaner good partner steam electric floor cleaner
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  • Vacuum cleaner good partner steam electric floor cleaner

    The appearance of the steam type floor cleaner is similar to the mops commonly used in our country. But the built-in motor can allow it to achieve 1000 times per minute of wiping action, combined with steam technology, to achieve the effect of deep cleaning.

    This kind of electronic cleaning machine can deal with a variety of floor types, including not only the carpet loved by crooked nuts, but also the most common floor types such as ceramic tile and floor in China. Compared with the vacuum cleaner to clean the ground by sucking in garbage, the steam cleaner can clean the ground with high frequency, on the other hand, the steam can soften the stubborn stains attached on the ground, so as to achieve the cleaning effect that can not be achieved by conventional vacuum cleaner.

    Because the overall structure is similar to that of a mop, its head is also equipped with an airglide rotating disc which is more convenient for flexible steering, as well as lighting system, so that users can flexibly handle different areas and check the cleanliness of the ground.

    In addition, the current product also comes with multiple cleaning pads, as well as cleaning agent, which can make the cleaning process easier.

    Although the popularity of vacuum cleaners in China has been relatively high, there is also a market for such products as sweeping robots. But this kind of product to the ground stubborn stain processing ability is basically zero. This makes us want to get a thorough clean floor at home, often also need to be followed by a wet cloth to wipe the floor to get the cleanest effect. This product can make kneeling on the ground completely history. As long as you can easily push it around the house, you can get a clean ground effect. If it is used with a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot, the effect will be better, because we only need to use it to deal with the stubborn dirt stains on the ground, such as the stains formed after the water stains on the ground are trampled, or the traces formed after food juice drips on the floor.

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