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    Flexible operation, strong and durable, safe and reliable, convenient and light, complete functions and high efficiency. Traditional cleaning equipment uses high-pressure water combined with various chemical cleaning agents to clean. The machine wastes a lot of water. At the same time, the dirt and sewage containing chemicals will cause serious pollution and damage to the surrounding environment. When using the high-pressure saturated steam cleaning machine for cleaning, only a small amount of water is needed, and a chemical solvent is not needed, which completely eradicates the traditional cleaning The disadvantages of cleaning operation. Therefore, cleaning with high-pressure saturated steam is a revolution in the cleaning industry in the world. It makes full use of the characteristics of saturated steam that can dissolve any stubborn oil dirt and make it evaporate under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. At the same time, it can cut into any small gap and hole, peel off or remove grease and residue, so as to achieve high efficiency, water saving, environmental protection, ultra clean and dry And in the world cleaning industry one step ahead.

    (water saving): cleaning any surface requires only 5 liters of water per hour, which can save a lot of water resources.

    (clean): because saturated steam is gaseous, it can automatically capture and dissolve tiny oil stains and dirt particles on the cleaned surface under the action of high temperature and high pressure, and vaporize and evaporate them. At present, almost all oil stains can not resist the power of saturated steam, so the surface cleaned with saturated steam can achieve ultra clean state.

    (environmental protection): there is no discharge of sewage and harmful chemicals, and there is no pollution and damage to the cleaning workers and the surrounding environment.

    (high temperature): the temperature is adjustable from 70 ℃ to 200 ℃.

    (drying): the characteristic of high temperature saturated steam is that it will not stay on the surface to be cleaned after cleaning, and because of the high temperature, the cleaned surface is always dry, so it can directly clean various electrical appliances, motors and integrated circuit boards without damaging them.

    (passivation): the combination of saturated steam and passivation solution mixed with the solution can passivate metal and mechanical surfaces, and form a good protective layer to eliminate the possibility of oxidation.

    (phosphating): after pickling, the workpiece is treated with saturated steam as a sprayer for phosphating, so that neither phosphating solution nor waste liquid treatment is needed.

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